Defining Quota Target Types


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define the quota target types in a territory program

Quota Target Types

A target type is a label that identifies the type of quota. Having multiple target types allows you to assign more than one type of target in a quota program. For example, you may want one quota for total sales revenue, one for revenue only for sales of a specific type of product, and one that counts the number of items sold.

Adding a target type is a two-step process. First, any target types that will be used in all territory programs are added to the system. Next, you can add the target types you will be using to a single territory program.

Create a New Quota Target Type


  1. From the Territory Admin menu, select Quota Targets.

  2. Select the Create icon on the toolbar.

  3. Enter the name of the target type.

  4. Select Save.


Assign a Target Type to a Territory Program


  1. Open the Territory Program.

  2. From the Settings tab, select Targets.

  3. Select the Create icon on the toolbar.

  4. From the dropdown list, select the target type and unit type.

  5. Optionally, set the default target value.

  6. Select Create.


Create and Assign Quota Target Types

Business Example

In this exercise, you'll learn to create new quota types to help identify the types of quota you'll be calculating for your territory. You'll also learn to assign the new quota types to your territory.

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