Exploring Key Metrics with Territory Dashboards for Reps


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  • Explore the Territory Dashboards for reps

Key Metrics with Territory Dashboards for Reps

When a user logs into SAP SuccessFactors Territory and Quota and they’re assigned as a sales rep or manager to a territory, they also have a dashboard to provide key metrics about their territories.

Territory Dashboard for Reps

Access the Dashboard


  1. Log into the Territory and Quota application.

  2. Navigate to the Dashboard ().

  3. Select the Territory Program for which you wish to open the Dashboard using the drop-down menu next to the Welcome banner.

    You’ll only see the territories to which you have access.

  4. Select the Territory for which you wish to see statistics.

  5. Select the Target Type from the list of available target types.

  6. Select the Date for which you wish to see the territory data.

    By default, the selected date is the current date. If you select a different date, the tab is refreshed to reflect data relevant to the selected date.

Assigned Quota

The widgets on the dashboard reflect the selected filter options. Each widget provides information specific to a specific area. The following widgets are available:

This widget displays the quota that is assigned to you, as well as who assigned it to you and when. The quota amounts are displayed in the selected currency.

Assigned Quota Dashboard Widget


The Inbox displays the pending cases that you need to act upon. You can select any case and choose one of the following actions:

  • Request for Change
  • Accept
  • View Comments

The Inbox also includes messages from managers.

My Attainment

This widget provides information about opportunity data. It provides your attainment percentage, the target value and the attainment value. The bar graph depicts opportunity data by month. Hover over a bar in the graph to see the attainment value for the month. When you hover over the green Target line in the graph, you can see the monthly target value. Note that if period phasing hasn't been set, the target value is the yearly quota distributed equally across 12 months. You can use the data in this widget to help you measure your target.

Only opportunities with a Target Close Date are displayed in the My Attainment and Opportunities table.

Enable the toggle button to include opportunities above a probability percentage that you specify. The data in the My Attainment and Opportunities widgets is updated to reflect this setting.

My Attainment Dashboard Widget


By default, the Opportunities table displays a bubble graph to show opportunity data. That graph displays the data according to Probability % (x-axis) and Values (y-axis). Each bubble indicates an opportunity with a specific Probability % and Value. The bigger the bubble, the higher the value amount. When you hover over a bubble, you can see the name of the opportunity, as well as the Value. To view this data in tabular format, choose .

Opportunities Dashboard Widget


This widget displays the version of the territory program for which data is being displayed. It also provides the following information:

  • My Team - Provides information about who else is on your team for the territory. Each user's name, role, ID, and email address is provided.
  • Accounts - Lists the accounts aligned with the selected territory.
  • Products - Lists the products aligned with the selected territory.
  • Geographies - Lists the geographies aligned with the selected territory.
  • My Sales - Provides a graphical depiction, as well as details of, your sales in the previous year.
When viewing data in a table, you can do a column search () or add or remove columns ().
Territory Overview Dashboard Widget

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