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Exploring Products

A key component of SAP SuccessFactors Territory and Quota is the ability to associate products with territories. The Product Workspace allows you to define and maintain all Territory and Quota products. Once a product is defined and saved, it’s added to the Product List.

A product definition includes the following:

  • Standard Fields: Standard Fields are the basic details about the product. Standard Fields include the Product ID, name, pricing, and cost details, as well as the relevant Business Unit. Product is a versioned object, so the object and its attributes are effective for a specified time period, and therefore has an effective start date and an effective end date.
  • Custom Fields: Custom Fields are additional fields you can make available through Custom Attributes. Use custom fields in the Product workspace to capture additional data, such as part numbers and maximum discount percentages.

You can also create and assign Custom Tags to each product. Custom and inherited tags from Product Categories can be used in searches when identifying products for Territory alignments.

A Product can be associated with one or more product families and to a specific category within each product family. These associations can be viewed and managed in the Hierarchy Associations section.

The following options are available from the Product Workspace:

Column SearchFilter records by searching any columns.
CreateCreate a new product or product family.
CopyCopy a product or product family.
UploadUpload a spreadsheet to add product data. You cannot delete existing product information using this feature.
DownloadDownload a spreadsheet that contains data for all existing products. Also download a template spreadsheet to populate data that you can later upload.
DeleteSelect products/product families to delete.
Select ColumnsCustomize the columns shown in the workspace.

You can add products manually or you can import products using Excel or the Express Data Loader (XDL). Importing data into Territory and Quota is covered in Unit 8.

Let’s look at an example of how products can be used in a territory program. Bikes in Motion would like to align territories by physical products, such as bikes and accessories; and services, such as repairs and maintenance plans. As each product is added to the system, it will be assigned to a category in the product family. Later, we will see how the territories can be aligned with these product categories.

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