Integrating Territory and Quota with SAP SuccessFactors Incentive Management


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  • Integrate Territory and Quota with SAP SuccessFactors Incentive Management

Integration of Territory and Quota with SAP SuccessFactors Incentive Management

Territory and Quota can be integrated with Incentive Management, allowing the transfer of orders, transactions, and transaction assignments from allocated quotas. When the transfer is complete, the transaction is populated with the final quota value created in Territory and Quota, and assigned to the appropriate position. These can be used in rules to award each payee based on their quota.

During the integration process, fields in Territory and Quota are automatically mapped to fields in Incentive Management. These mappings are static and cannot be modified. The images below show the data mapping from Territory and Quota for Orders, Transactions, and Transaction Assignments.

TQ IM Data Integration Mapping Orders
TQ IM Data Integration Mapping Transactions
TQ IM Data Integration Mapping Transaction Assignments

It is not necessary to create the Event Types that will be mapped to the transaction. If the Target Type in Territory and Quota cannot be matched to an existing Event Type in Incentive Management, a new Event Type will be automatically created.

Integration between Territory and Quota and Incentive Management uses the SAP Integration Suite. Before this can be configured, you will need an SAP BTP license, and the Territory and Quota integration flows must already be deployed in the SAP BTP Integration Suite. Once these requirements are met, you can perform the following procedure to configure the integration:

Configure the Integration


  1. Configure the Endpoint URL in Territory and Quota.

    1. In Territory and Quota, navigate to Territory AdminAdministrationApplication Settings.

    2. In the HANA Cloud Platform - Authentication Details section, enter the credential information in the Integration Username and Integration Password fields.

    3. In the SAP Cloud Integration Service API Details section, enter the base URL of the iFlow in the Base URLfield.

    4. Enter the endpoint that processes posted data in XML format in the Endpoint URL field.

      This is the Endpoint URL that gets generated in the SAP Integration Suite.Configure the Endpoint URL

  2. Initiate the Sync Process

    1. Select the target types in Territory and Quota.

    2. From the Application menu, select Territory AdminTerritory Programs.

    3. Open the Territory Program.

    4. Navigate to the Settings tab.

    5. Select the Integrations tab.

    6. In the Quota Integration to Incentive Management section, select the Quota Targets you want to integrate.

    7. Choose Initiate Sync.

    Initiate the Sync Process

Track the Job Status


  1. Navigate to Territory AdminAdministrationJob Summary.

  2. Select the Background Job Summary tab.

  3. Search for TerritoryandQuota_Commissions_Sync in the Job Name column.

Verification in SAP SuccessFactors Incentive Management

Once the job has completed successfully, log in to SAP SuccessFactors Incentive Management.

Navigate to the Orders workspace and verify that the orders, transactions, and transaction assignments have been created.

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