Adding User-defined Custom Fields


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Add user-defined custom fields

Create Custom Fields

At ABC Corporation, there’s a request from business users to create a custom field for Brand and integrate it into accounting and group reporting.

Custom fields can be created by using the Custom Fields app. The business context is FINCS_JOURNAL_ENTRY_ITEM. Custom fields are added to the ACDOCA and ACDOCU at the same time.

The new brand custom filed has a text data type

When you create the custom field, select the user interfaces and reports to use it in.

In the UI's tab, all functions are enabled

If the custom field is needed in ACDOCA, it can easily be enabled. In the following example:

  • The ACDOCA field name is ZZ1_BRAND1_COB and the data element is ZZ1_BRAND1.

  • The ACDOCU, field name is ZZ1_BRAND_CJE and the data element is ZZ1_BRAND1.

Enabling the coding block will allow the custom field to be released from ACDOCA to ACDOCU.

The new field has been added to both group reporting and accounting

As a result, the custom field can be used throughout group reporting:

  • Use the custom fields in group journal entries.
  • Include the custom field in import files.
  • Release the data from accounting into group reporting.

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