Configuring the Preparation Ledger


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Set up the preparation ledger

Configuring the Preparation Ledger

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Now that Jen has explained the business requirements, you can configure the preparation ledger. After that, you will move on to consolidation versions.

Preparation Ledger

Why Use Preparation Ledger

At ABC Corporation, you’re planning to use the preparation ledger. It has several key features that you need for your implementation:

  • You have real time access to group reporting data in accounting.
    As soon as a G/L entry is posted, group reporting data is available in accounting.
  • You have the option to release only modified data and therefore a faster delta release process.
  • You can derive consolidation units.
  • You can release data to special periods. This is better than including special period data in the last normal period of the fiscal year.

Check Global System Settings

To use the preparation ledger, go to the Check Global System Settings activity in configuration.

Set the From Year for Group Reporting Preparation Ledger

If needed, input a value for the From Year for Group Reporting Preparation Ledger.


Note: systems set up with SAP S/4HANA 2202 or above automatically have 1001 as From Year for Preparation Ledger which can't be changed.

In Systems upgraded to SAP S/4HANA 2202, you can change the setting From Year for Preparation Ledger. Once changed and saved, it can't be changed anymore. As a result, upgrade customers control if and when the integration with group reporting preparation ledger is active in their system and in turn when flexible derivation of consolidation units can be used.

If you set the Group Currency as Leading Currency Allowed indicator, you can decide if the local, or the group currency is used as the leading currency during data collection from accounting. Otherwise, the local currency is automatically used as the leading currency during data collection.
You can use the system defaults for the remaining settings in Check Global System Settings without changing them.

Define Group Reporting Preparation Ledgers

To configure the preparation ledger, go to Define Group Reporting Preparation Ledgers. Add a new entry as follows:

  • Config ID: This is a logical id of your choice.
  • Group Reporting Preparation Ledger: Select an accounting ledger that you want to define as a group reporting preparation ledger. This activates the derivation of group reporting fields in the group reporting preparation ledger.
  • Consolidation COA:  The COA you select is automatically used in accounting postings and determines the FS item values that can be derived during accounting postings.
  • FS Item Mapping Version:  Optional. You can assign an FS item mapping version to the group reporting preparation ledger. This is only necessary if you want to use the standard G/L account to FS item mapping. FS items can also be derived during accounting postings based on substitution rules.
  • FS Item Attributes Version: Optional. You can assign an FS Item attributes version to the preparation ledger. This is used to make time and version-dependent FS item master data attributes available for substitution and validation rules in accounting.
Create the preparation ledger and assign it to an accounting ledger
Once you assign a preparation ledger to a version, then you no longer need to maintain the special version FS Group Items. This is because the FS Item Mapping Version is already maintained in the configuration activity Define Group Reporting Preparation Ledgers.

Each group reporting preparation ledger can only have one corresponding consolidation COA. However, a single consolidation COA can be assigned to more than one group reporting preparation ledger.

When using the preparation ledger, all accounting companies must use the same fiscal year variant.

Extension ledgers can also be defined as group reporting preparation ledgers. An extension ledger must have the same consolidation COA assigned as its underlying ledger. Also, an extension ledger's entry as a group reporting preparation ledger must be deleted if its corresponding underlying ledger's entry is deleted.

Opening Reclassification Subitems

Opening Reclassification Subitems is applicable when you realign data with the Realign Group Reporting Preparation Ledger job.


When you realign your data, the system doesn't use subitem 900 (opening balance). For the opening balance, it uses the subitem reclassification that you've defined in the group reporting preparation ledger. This prevents changes to the opening balance during realignment.

If there's a change in your substitutions, or G/L account to FS item assignments, you need to realign your data in group reporting. However, to make corrections to the opening balance of a new fiscal year, you can't do so directly on the subitem used for the opening balance. This is because the opening balance of the new fiscal year must exactly match the ending balance of the previous fiscal year. You can assign separate subitems to be used for the corrections.

To make your corrections, select the Carryforward Subitem used for the opening balance that you want to make corrections to. Then, you can select a corresponding Carryforward Reclassification Subitem that you want to use for corrections that will adjust the opening balance.

As a result, the corrections appear as separate entries and the opening balance on the opening subitem still matches the ending balance.

Assign the carryforward reclassification subitem to the preparation ledger

Create a Preparation Ledger

Business Scenario

You're working on the preparation ledger for the ABC Corporation project. To get started, you need to confirm that the preparation ledger is enabled in your system. And then, you need to create a new one.

What skills will you develop in this practice exercise?

  • Confirm that the preparation ledger is enabled.
  • Create a new preparation ledger.

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