Using SAP Fiori Launchpad


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the features of the SAP Fiori launchpad
  • Identify the clients and integration options for SAP Fiori


The SAP Fiori launchpad (FLP) offers a coherent user experience across different enterprise solutions by utilizing the capabilities of the user role to combine the decomposed apps in one surface. Each app represents one individual step for one specific role. Therefore, several apps combined represent a complete process covering different enterprise solutions and systems. This is a shift from monolithic solutions to activity-based apps and a role-based simplification of business processes.

From SAP Fiori 1.0 to SAP Fiori 2.0 to SAP Fiori 3 

SAP Fiori is continuously evolving and the evolution continues.

Watch the video to learn how SAP Fiori shifted the approach from monolithic solutions to activity-based apps and a role-based simplification of business processes.

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SAP Fiori Horizon My Home

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208, SAP Fiori Horizon is available to customers. It is not (yet) a new version of SAP Fiori but a new theme including new features for the FLP. The theme itself is called Horizon and introduces signature design elements to provide a better focus on important parts on the screen.

A new feature is the My Home app that replaces the My Home space. It provides several sections with new options of what the user can see and start in the FLP.

  • Tasks and situations are shown as To Dos.
  • Pages can be accessed directly without opening the space first.
  • Recently or frequently used Apps and favorites can be started directly.
  • Users can define Insights into analytical data as tiles or cards.

All sections of the My Home app can be personalized by the user.


SAP Fiori launchpad provides several features such as User Actions Menu, notifications area, and SAP Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) chat window.

How to Explore SAP Conversational AI

Business Example

You want to interact with a chat bot of the SAP Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) in the SAP Fiori launchpad.

Watch the video to see how to explore SAP Conversational AI.


SAP Fiori launchpad provides additional features such as context-sensitive user assistance, quick tour, and keyboard shortcut.

We will be exploring each feature in detail. To begin with, let's look at how SAP Fiori provides context-sensitive assistance to users.

SAP Fiori launchpad offers help functionality that includes a guided tour for an app. This context-sensitive user assistance can be started via the question mark in the upper right-hand corner or by pressing F1. A help panel consisting of help topics shows up to the right of the app as well as bubbles pointing out the key elements inside the app. By selecting a topic or a bubble, an information dialog box appears, offering more information about the functionality.

The help content for this user assistance is provided by the SAP Content Server hosted by SAP, an SAP Enable Now Manager hosted by the customer, or a mixture of both. This also includes access to learning material available in the Learning Center.

Quick Tour

To help new users, the FLP provides the Quick Tour popup. The Quick Tour is part of the context-sensitive user assistance. Let's explore the Quick Tour.

Keyboard Navigation

The SAP Fiori launchpad can be fully operated via a keyboard.

Client Integration

There are three clients available to access SAP Fiori:

  • Web Browser
  • SAP Business Client
  • SAP Mobile Start

You can also integrate SAP Fiori in other system areas to add additional values like logon features or increased distribution range. Details and benefits of these integration options are discussed later or considered in more depth in other trainings:

  • SAP Build Work Zone
  • SAP Enterprise Portal
  • SAP Mobile Services

Now, let's explore each client in detail.

The original way to start an FLP is to enter the URL https://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html in an HTML5-ready browser. This URL has been available since the beginning of SAP Fiori. Over time, SAP added additional options to start the launchpad.

Many customers access SAP software via a logon to an Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP). Therefore, the transaction /UI2/FLP is added. With this transaction, you can log on automatically with the credentials you used to log on to the AS ABAP. This approach is for users working in both worlds, ABAP transactions and SAP Fiori web apps, if no business client is available.

By default, transaction /UI2/FLP starts the FLP via the Internet Communication Manager (ICM) process of your application server instance. An entry in the database table HTTPURLLOC can be used to call a reverse proxy, such as SAP Web Dispatcher.

The current URL to start the FLP is https://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/ui2/flp. This URL is much shorter than the original one so it is easier to memorize. Even more important is the cache buster feature. This technique causes web browsers to load content from the server rather than from the browser cache if activated. The cache buster for SAP Fiori uses versioned URLs containing tokens to signal the browser that new resources are available on the server. Instead of forbidding caching or setting a lifetime for the resources, the system invalidates the cache only when resources are actually updated on the server.

SAP Business Client makes it possible to access SAP GUI and web applications in one client software. Therefore, in SAP Business Client 6.0, the ability to add system connections for FLP was introduced. The benefit is the end user only needs one tool to access all the functions of an AS ABAP. It is even possible to start ABAP transactions in the FLP, which opens a new SAP GUI tab in the SAP Business Client. SAP Logon is completely integrated in SAP Business Client.


For SAP Business Client 6.0, the term NetWeaver was dropped from the name. Previous releases are still called SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC).

SAP Mobile Start was introduced in August 2021. It is a mobile application for Apple iOS and Google Android integrated with SAP S/4HANA and further SAP solutions, leveraging the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). The SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition, Notification service, and Mobile Services of BTP work together to provide web sites and apps for mobile usage. SAP Mobile Start integrates with mobile operating system features like notifications, spotlight search, and widgets running on smartphones, watches, and tablets.

Prepare the SAP Learning System

Business Scenario

In your SAP Learning System, you want to log in to the SAP Secure Login Client.

This exercise requires an SAP Learning system. Login information are provided by your system setup guide.


  1. Log in to your SAP Learning system.

    1. Follow your system setup guide.

  2. In your SAP Learning system, log in to the SAP Secure Login Client.

    1. In the Windows taskbar, choose SAP Secure Login Client.

    2. In SAP Secure Login Client window, right-click SAP AS Java Authentication and choose Log In….

    3. In the User name field, enter your user name.

    4. In the Password field, enter your password.

    5. Choose OK.


      You can now log in to you SAP S/4HANA system using SAP Logon, SAP Business Client, or a Web browser via Single Sign-On (SSO).

Operate SAP Fiori Launchpad

Business Scenario

You want to start the SAP Fiori launchpad of your SAP S/4HANA system in a Web browser and in the SAP Business Client.

You want to operate the User Actions Menu and the Notification Area of the SAP Fiori launchpad.

This exercise requires an SAP Learning system. Login information are provided by your system setup guide.

Task 1: Start the SAP Fiori launchpad in different clients.


  1. Start the SAP Fiori launchpad of your SAP S/4HANA (S4H) system in a Web browser and check the Quick Tour.

    1. In the Windows start menu, choose a Web browser.

    2. In the Web browser favorites, choose the SAP Fiori launchpad of your S4H.

    3. Check the content of the Quick Tour.

    4. Close the Quick Tour popup.

  2. Start the SAP Fiori launchpad of your S4H in the SAP Business Client and examine the system entry.

    1. In the Windows start menu, choose SAP Business Client.

    2. In SAP Business Client, select the SAP Fiori launchpad of your S4H.

    3. Choose Edit.

    4. Examine the system entry.

    5. Choose Cancel.

    6. Choose Log On.

Task 2: Check and operate SAP Fiori reference apps.


  1. Examine the SAP Fiori launchpad information dialog box for the SAP Fiori reference app Shop.

    1. In the SAP Fiori launchpad, choose the Reference Apps anchor.

    2. Choose the Shop tile.

    3. Choose your user in the upper right corner.

    4. Choose About.

    5. Examine the app information.

    6. Choose OK.

  2. Buy a product in the SAP Fiori reference app Shop and access your purchase order via the notification in the SAP Fiori launchpad.

    Your user is also allowed to handle purchase orders of other users so be careful to only work with your purchase orders.
    1. In the SAP Fiori reference app Shop, select a product of your choice and choose Add to Cart.

    2. In the upper right corner of the screen, choose Shopping Cart.

    3. Choose Go to Checkout.

    4. Choose Buy Now.

    5. In the upper right corner of the screen, choose Notifications.

    6. Select the most recent Purchase order.

      If the purchase order does not show your product, select the purchase order of your user on the left. Remember that your user is allowed to handle all users.

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