Controlling Web Intelligence Application


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Configure application security.

Controlling Application Security

BI platform gives security administrators the ability to control BI applications. The BI Launch Pad, the CMC, Platform Search Application, and so on, are BI applications. BI application features can be restricted for users and groups.

Only BI platform applications can be secured. Standalone applications like Crystal Reports can’t be secured. You can secure applications in the CMC by navigating to the Applications tab. There, you can access the user security option for each of the securable applications.

Web Intelligence Application Security

The BI platform offers administrators a flexible security model. You can put together a combination of rights with a Custom Access Level (CAL) to meet your organization security requirement.

To support a Web Intelligence developer role, you need to have a set of rights enabled. The solution is to create a CAL in the CMC, for example, Web_Intelligence_Developer_ROLE. Then, you add the needed rights to the role. Apply the role for principals in the CMC where the content resides in folders, the Web Intelligence Application, connection and the Universes.

The following are the security requirements that need to be considered when designing this ROLE:

  • Web Intelligence Application Security
  • Web Intelligence Content Security (folder and/or category)
  • Universe Security
  • Universe Connection Security

Controlling Web Intelligence Interface

All interface elements appear by default. In the CMC, you have the option to customize which Web Intelligence features appear. This can be set at the group level. As users are added to the group, they will inherit the modified settings.

The customization functionality can be confined to all the objects in specific folders by adding one or more folders to the customized folders list.

See the following video to know how to customize the Web Intelligence settings.

Secure an Application in the BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (Part 1 and 2)

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