Maintaining Business Users App


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use the Maintain Business User app

Maintain Business Users App


This lesson will show you how to:

  • Assign business roles to business users
  • Change user settings individually
  • Use mass change function to change user settings

Assignment of a Business Role to a Business User

To assign business roles to a business user:

  1. Open the Maintain Business Users app. 
  2. Select a business user to go to the details of that business user. 
  3. Choose Add Business Roles
  4. Select your required business roles and choose OK
  5. Choose Save


You've created a worker with a business user, created a business role, and assigned it to the business user. 

Assign Business Roles to Business Users

In the exercise below you will assign business roles to business users.

Best Practice

Use the Maintain Business Users app to process individual changes to business users. You can lock, unlock, and delete business users from the app. You can find the options to perform these changes on the first initial screen of the application.

Making Mass Changes

Use the Mass Change wizard to apply changes to multiple business users at once.

When performing mass changes to business users, the following type of attributes can be changed:

  • Mass User Data – You can select one or more user attributes (such as timezone or language) that you want to change in all selected business users.
  • Role Assignment – You can add or remove business roles.

Perform Mass Changes of Business Users

In the exercise below you will perform mass changes on multiple business users.


You now know how to assign a business role to a business user and apply individual and mass changes using the Maintain Business Users app.

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