Describing ABAP Platform Reuse Services


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  • Describe ABAP platform reuse services

ABAP Platform Technical Reuse Services

Reuse Services

ABAP Cloud applications can take advantage of several technical reuse services, such as the email service or number ranges.

Over the years, ABAP developers have become used to a variety of technical services provided by the SAP Basis / SAP NetWeaver platform level. Fortunately, the design of cloud computing provides an appropriate layer (Platform as a Service) for those services to continue to be provided. Hence, the ABAP platform continues to provide a large number of these services so that they can continue to be used by developers in cloud-native development. A few of these services are as follows:

  • Email Service
  • Number Ranges and Change Documents
  • Printing Queue
  • Application Jobs and Logs
  • Translation
  • Units of Measurement
  • Time Zones
  • Exchange Rates and Currency Conversion

SAP BTP provides the following additional technical reuse services:

  • SAP BTP Forms By Adobe
  • SAP BTP Document Management Service
  • SAP Workflow Management
  • SAP BTP Rules

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