Evaluating Between a System Conversion or a New Implementation


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  • Evaluate factors to consider in choosing the appropriate SAP S/4HANA Cloud adoption approach

Evaluating Between a System Conversion or a New Implementation

As mentioned previously, whether to use a system conversion or new implementation in an SAP S/4HANA migration project is one of the most important decisions a customer makes. There are several considerations that come into play with this decision, and as with any other complex decision-making process, these considerations can sometimes be at odds with one another. But the decision must be made regardless.

What considerations are necessary? Watch the following video to find out:

Good to know: Surveys indicate that the proportion of customers adopting a system conversion versus a new implementation is 50/50.

In addition, see the following topics:

Compatibility Packs

Compatibility packs allow customers a path to adapt their existing business processes to new business processes contained as part of SAP S/4HANA in a nondisruptive manner. Customers are permitted for a period of time to use classic ERP functionalities. As a result, new business processes can be adopted on an incremental basis.

Lift and Shift

SAP strongly recommends that customers do not simply "lift and shift" their custom code to a new implementation-based system. Customers still need to undergo the same removal and adaptation process, as well as performance optimization. Using this approach can lead to higher project migration costs than what is necessary.

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