Understanding Process Insights Features


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to analyze your business processes with Process Insights, identify process gaps, and review recommendations for improvement

Process Insights Features

SAP Signavio Process Insights is a cloud solution running on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) that delivers data-driven insights into business processes and their usage based on data from one or multiple ERP systems.

It helps organizations to achieve business process excellence by helping to identify where processes can be improved, allowing users to drill down to understand root causes, and providing recommendations on how to improve. It allows users to navigate through their business process transformation journey from insight to action to maximize process excellence.

It offers:

  • Process flows
  • Performance indicators
  • Correction recommendations
  • Innovation recommendations

End-to-End Processes

On the Process Insights homepage, you will see end-to-end processes and lines of businesses. Based on your needs, you will select which relates to your process or business. Begin by selecting an end-to-end process or a line of business to start analyzing and improving your process performance.

End-to-end processes and lines of business act as a first way of filtering what you see on the Process Flows, Performance Indicators, Correction Recommendations, and Innovation Recommendations tabs.

Different entry points

If you select the end-to-end process Lead to Cash as your entry point, for example, and navigate to the Process Flows tab, you see only those process flows that are relevant for Lead to Cash.

If you select one of the modular processes listed for this end-to-end process, such as Order to Fulfill, you filter the information displayed on the four main tabs even further. You then see only the data that's relevant for the Order to Fulfill modular process.

If you select the line of business Finance as your entry point, you see only the data that's relevant for this particular line of business.

If you select one of the value drivers listed for this line of business, such as Reduce Data Management Cost, you filter the information displayed on the four main tabs even further. You then see only the data that's relevant for the Reduce Data Management Cost value driver.

Familiarize yourself with the Process Insights platform. In this example, we'll start by choosing the Lead to Cash process.

End-to-End Processes

In the next lesson, we'll take a deeper dive into our Lead to Cash process. We'll look at the various insights we can pull from an example process and try running one on our own!

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