SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) and SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII)

Learn how to improve manufacturing reliability, product traceability, employee productivity and equipment effectiveness.

What's it all about?

To stay ahead in volatile market conditions, with changing customer demands and global supply chain fluctuations, organizations can incorporate solutions to reduce manufacturing complexity.

SAP Manufacturing Execution is a solution to help manufacturers control, monitor, and automate manufacturing operations in near real-time. It centralizes and digitalizes processes, automates data collection, and integrates with other ERP software to improve product reliability and traceability, increase efficiency, and save costs.

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence is a solution to help manufacturers optimize manufacturing operations and productivity. By connecting people, materials, processes, and equipment to the extended supply chain, you can improve employee productivity, measure equipment effectiveness, and integrate with other business activities.

Explore how key performance indicators, user interfaces and data visualization, preconfigured workflows and integrations, and other solutions and tools can help businesses improve manufacturing performance and increase operational efficiency

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