Configuring High Availability


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Install and configure a shadow instance.

Configuring High Availability

Cloud Connector can run in a high availability failover scenario. A master instance can connect cloud applications to on-premise applications. If the master fails, a shadow instance can automatically take over for the master.


To create a high availability scenario:

  • Install a second Cloud Connector instance as the shadow. Perform the same steps as when installing the master instance.
  • Connect the shadow instance to the master.

To connect the shadow to the master:

  1. On the master instance, enable high availability.
  2. On the shadow instance, select shadow as the installation type.
  3. On the shadow instance, provide connection information for the master.
  4. On the master instance, confirm that the shadow is connected.

So, let's start with the first step: watch the demonstration below on how to enable high availability on the master instance:

During the shadow setup, the master pushes its entire configuration to the shadow. As the master configuration is changed, the shadow instance will also be updated.

  • A master can only have one shadow. If you're using multiple Cloud Connectors, each should have its own shadow instance.
  • User administration is configured separately on master and shadow instance. It’s recommended to have the same security configuration on both instances.
  • The UI certificate isn't shared, so you must maintain the UI certificates on master and shadow.
  • If secure RFC communication or principal propagation for RFC calls is used, you must configure SNC on each instance separately.


  • To prevent possible problems, the hardware, operating system, and software should be identical to the master instance.
  • Install the shadow instance in the same network segment as the master instance.
  • Separate the shadow instance from the master so that any type of fault on the master doesn’t also bring down the shadow.

Performing a Failover

If there's a fault in the master instance, the shadow takes over automatically as the new master instance. Watch this in the demonstration below.

If the master instance can be recovered afterwards, it comes up as the new shadow. To switch roles, use the High Availability screen on the new master, and press the Switch roles button.

If the master instance can't be recovered, add a new shadow by repeating the setup process.


Cloud Connector can operate in a high availability environment. If you create a shadow instance, Cloud Connector can handle failures by performing an automatic failover.

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