Defining the Cloud Connector


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of the Cloud Connector.
  • Describe the features of the Cloud Connector.

The Purpose of the Cloud Connector​

How does the Cloud Connector work? Watch the video to learn more.​

The Cloud Connector also supports service channels. In the video you will find out more about it.

Features of the Cloud Connector

The Cloud Connector is a lightweight but robust component of the SAP Connectivity Service.

The main features are:

  • Recovers broken connections automatically.
  • Supports principal propagation for added security.
  • Contains integrated monitoring and alerting tools.
  • Provides audit logging of inbound traffic and configuration changes.
  • Supports a high availability failover environment, by setting up a shadow Cloud Connector.
  • Is updated with 1 to 4 new releases each year, with frequent patches.
  • Is fully documented in the SAP BTP Connectivity Help Portal.

The Cloud Connector software:

  • Is downloaded from the SAP Development Tools web site.
  • Is installed in your on-premise environment, in its own network zone.
  • Is a lightweight application that requires minimal resources.
  • Runs on Linux, Windows, or macOS.
  • Features an easy installation and configuration process.


The Cloud Connector provides a secure means of connecting cloud applications to on-premise applications. Service channels can allow on-premise database tools to access specific SAP BTP services.

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