Demonstrating Use Cases for the Cloud Connector


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Specify the use cases for Cloud Connector.

Use Cases for Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector permits specific applications to access other specific applications, without opening up those applications to universal access. It can handle many different scenarios:

  • SAP or non-SAP applications.
  • A single cloud system to a single on-premise system.
  • Multiple cloud systems to multiple on-premise systems.
  • One Cloud Connector to multiple SAP BTP subaccounts.
  • Multiple Cloud Connectors to one or more SAP BTP subaccounts.

How do you use the Cloud Connector? Watch the video.​

The second scenario is called a service channel:

In the second scenario, you might have an SAP HANA Cloud database running on SAP BTP. You can use some database management tools from within your on-premise landscape to connect to these databases.

  • Use Data Services to provision data from the on-premise database to the cloud or vice versa.
  • Use on-premise reporting tools like Business Objects to access data in SAP HANA Cloud.
  • Use RFC calls from on-premise systems to a SAP BTP ABAP environment.
  • Establish a TCP connection to a service in a Kubernetes cluster on SAP BTP.

Overview of the Course

In Unit 1, you looked at what Cloud Connector can do for you. You learned about the purpose, the features, and use cases.

After completing Unit 2, you will be able to list prerequisites, perform a sizing, and install Cloud Connector.

After completing Unit 3, you will be able to log on to Cloud Connector, exchange the UI certificates, configure a subaccount, and expose an application server ABAP-based SAP System (HTTP).

After completing Unit 4, you will be able to use the Cloud Connector. The demonstration deploys an SAP Fiori app developed in the BTP to an on-premise ABAP system.

After completing Unit 5, you will be able to monitor Cloud Connector and install and configure a shadow instance.


In this lesson you learned about the use cases of the Cloud Connector and the structure of this learning journey.

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