Managing Subaccounts


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Configure a subaccount.

Connecting the First Subaccount

To be able to use Cloud Connector, you have to configure at least one SAP BTP subaccount. The following data is required to establish the first connection:

  • Email Address used for SAP BTP registration
  • Password used for SAP BTP registration
  • Subaccount ID
  • Region

Within your SAP BTP Cockpit, navigate to the Account Explorer and note the fields Provider and Region of your respective subaccount. To determine the Subaccount ID, select the tile representing your respective subaccount.

Within the Administration UI for your Cloud Connector, navigate to Define Subaccount and enter this data. After you saved your input, the secure tunnel between your Cloud Connector and your SAP BTP subaccount has been established.

Within your SAP BTP Cockpit, you can check the status of Cloud Connectors connected to a subaccount at ConnectivityCloud Connectors.

The demonstration below shows you how to configure the first subaccount.

Connecting Additional Subaccounts

You can connect to several subaccounts within a single Cloud Connector installation. Those subaccounts can use the Cloud Connector concurrently with different configurations. By selecting a subaccount from the dropdown box, all tab entries show the configuration, audit, and state, specific to this subaccount. In the case of audit and traces, the cross-subaccount info is merged with the subaccount-specific parts of the UI.

If you want to connect an additional subaccount with your on-premise landscape, simply press the Add Subaccount button, which opens a dialog that is similar to the initial configuration operation when establishing the first connection.


Now, you’re able to configure subaccounts in your Cloud Connector.

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