Preparing the Installation


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • List prerequisites
  • Perform a sizing


For a successful installation of the Cloud Connector, consider the following prerequisites:

For a list of supported operating systems and processor architectures of the Cloud Connector, see the Product Availability Matrix.

The Cloud Connector requires a JDK:

  • SAP JVM 64-bit, version 8 (recommended JDK).
  • SapMachine 64-bit, version 17.
  • Oracle JDK 64-bit, version 8.

The minimum disk space for the Cloud Connector installation archive and a newly installed Cloud Connector server is 120 MB. The Cloud Connector writes configuration files, audit log files, and trace files at runtime. SAP recommends that you reserve between 1 and 20 GB of disk space for those files.

The main tool to administrate the Cloud Connector, the Cloud Connector Administration UI, is a web application launched in a web browser. As the Administration UI was developed using SAPUI5, you can use any web browser and platform supported by SAPUI5.

A customer network is usually divided into multiple network zones or subnetworks according to the security level of the contained components. The figure above shows an example for a network topology:

  • The DMZ that contains and exposes the external-facing services of an organization to an untrusted network, usually the Internet,
  • one or more other network zones that contain the components and services provided in the company’s intranet.

You can generally choose the network zone in which to set up the Cloud Connector:

  • Internet access to the SAP BTP region host, either directly or via HTTPS proxy.
  • Direct access to the internal systems it provides access to, which means that there is transparent connectivity between the Cloud Connector and the internal system.


Sizing Recommendations

The following table gives some basic guidance on what to consider regarding the hardware sizing of a Cloud Connector master instance:

Sizing of the Cloud Connector Master Instance

Installation SizeCPU (x86_64)Machine RAMHeapDirect MemoryDisk Space
S (small)2 cores 2.6 GHz4 GB1 GB2 GB10 GB
M (medium)4 cores 3.0 GHz16 GB4 GB8 GB20 GB
L (large)8 cores 3.0 GHz32 GB8 GB16 GB40 GB
The mentioned sizes are considered as minimal configuration. Extra resources could be beneficial. In general, the more applications, application instances, and subaccounts are connected, the more competition exists for the limited resources on the machine.


Now, you’re able to prepare the installation of the Cloud Connector.

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