Using the Cloud Connector


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Use the Cloud Connector to access an on-premise application.

Connect On-Premise to SAP BTP Applications

In this lesson, you will see a simple demonstration of connecting the "cloud to on-premise" scenario. We have an extension module, which was written in SAP Fiori. It was developed in the SAP BTP, using the development tool SAP Business Application Studio. But, we don’t want to run it in the SAP BTP. We want to run it in the on-premise ABAP environment.

The Cloud Connector can be used to connect applications running in the SAP BTP to applications running on-premise, and allowing on-premise tools to access SAP HANA Cloud running in the SAP BTP.

How do we deploy it there? We can use the Cloud Connector.

  • The first step is to define the on-premise system to Cloud Connector. We hide the actual host name and port number behind a virtual host name and port number.
  • Then we define on-premise resources to be exposed.
  • Finally, we deploy the SAP Fiori application to the on-premise system.

Watch the demonstration below on how to use the Cloud Connector to connect an SAP BTP application to an On-Premise system.

Our SAP Fiori application was deployed from the SAP Business Application Studio in the SAP BTP to the on-premise ABAP environment. Now, it can be used by on-premise users.


Now you’re able to outline how to connect an On-Premise application to SAP BTP.

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