Exploring the RISE With SAP Cloud Solutions


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Introduction to RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP is an end-to-end bundled offering that provides business transformation as a service. Under the umbrella of RISE with SAP, customers gain access to a suite of cloud solutions, including SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition, SAP Business Technology Platform, and powerful tools such as SAP Signavio for real-time optimization recommendations, as well as solutions to cover the enhanced finance challenges our customers face. All solutions are delivered through the cloud, including managed cloud services from SAP, with the highest security standards and high availability on application level.

In the past, strategic cloud innovations often couldn’t be fully leveraged due to the manual effort required. RISE with SAP helps deliver the full product experience, facilitated by our architectural expertise, infrastructure and security, and scalable implementation approach.

Additionally, RISE with SAP is accompanied by a set of migration and adoption services. Built on proven tools and methodologies, these services are delivered by a team of experts from SAP or our partner network.

This approach ensures a clean core, helping businesses optimize processes by reducing complexity and eliminating redundant customizations, while also advancing a lean, efficient operation tailored to the enterprises unique business needs. This approach ensures that a shift to the cloud is smooth, secure, efficient, and tailor-made for an organization's specific needs.

The RISE with SAP offering is a "one hand to shake" model that includes hyperscaler infrastructure, SAP technical managed services, SAP software, and support, all under one service-level agreement with a simplified commercial model under one SAP contract.

SAP's RISE with SAP offering includes the cloud ERP along with along with the peripheral services, including additional cloud solutions, cloud infrastructure and migration and adoptions services, all under one service contract.

In summary, RISE with SAP contains:

  • A set of cloud solutions from SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition and attractive packages with SAP Signavio, SAP LeanIX and SAP Business Technology Platform as well solutions to cover the enhanced challenges of our customers.
  • All solutions are delivered to our customer through the cloud including managed cloud service from SAP with highest security standards and high availability on application level.
  • Additionally, it comes with a set of migration and adoption services which are based on proven tools and methodologies brought to you through experts from SAP or it’s expert partner network.

RISE with SAP Cloud Solutions

In a perfect world, our customers do not dedicate their efforts to plan and initiate new developments. Their focus shifts to assessing the latest features and functions introduced in recent and upcoming releases, selecting those that best align with their business needs.

This approach redirects their attention from the challenges of maintaining outdated code to integrating new innovations. The concerns over delayed upgrades, escalating infrastructure requirements, and the performance or security issues of legacy systems are replaced with a commitment to embracing innovation and refining processes. However, before reaching this stage of operational efficiency, significant hurdles, both substantial and complex, must be navigated.

The transition to Cloud ERP necessitates a shift in mindset. The customizations that were feasible within an on-premise framework can not be less straightforward in the cloud environment. This transition is an opportunity to challenge existing processes and undertake re-engineering efforts to establish a Clean Core, thereby optimizing system functionality and business operations.

The RISE Methodology with RISE with SAP as our offering support this reimagination of the lifecycle of the SAP estate through a guided journey experience. 

The true value is unlocked through RISE with SAP and is fully realized through the suite of complementary SAP S/4HANA Cloud solutions. Initially, the emphasis is on establishing a solid foundation to facilitate a swift transition to the cloud through the Business Technology Platform, standardizing business processes with SAP Signavio, and orchestrating the transformation with SAP LeanIX. Accelerate the journey with Tricentis that automates continuous testing for SAP and third-party systems. Those are the foundation building blocks of a modular technology landscape and this approach ensures the maximization of benefits from any additional business applications.

RISE with SAP is your ticket to the future of ERP. If you're looking for a refresher on the value of SAP's cloud ERP, consider this learning journey:

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