Introducing RISE with SAP Services


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RISE with SAP Managed Service

SAP offers a complete managed service (IaaS Plus). RISE with SAP is a solution that offers optimized configuration, setup, and monitoring. SAP cloud ERP is designed to provide businesses with a high level of availability, with application service level agreements (SLAs). It includes data backup and business continuity planning, ensuring that critical business data is protected and can be quickly restored in the event of a disaster.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition runs on a fully certified cloud infrastructure, making it ready to run without the need for additional setup or configuration. This reduces the time and effort required to deploy the solution, enabling businesses to quickly realize the benefits of their investment.

Running technology operations as a service is possible with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition and RISE with SAP. Businesses can rely on a single trusted partner to handle their technology operations, reducing the burden on internal IT teams and allowing them to focus on core business activities. This ensures that businesses have access to the expertise and support they need to effectively manage their SAP solutions.

The benefits of RISE with SAP include optimized configuration, setup, and monitoring, as well as certified cloud infrastructure and the ability to run technology operations as a service.

Rise with SAP includes optimized configuration on certified cloud infrastructure. This gives an organization a ready-to-run system, secure data with backups, compliance certifications, access to ongoing upgrades, reliable security, and setup assistance.

One feature of RISE with SAP that differentiates it from that of an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is that we are the only ones to offer an application level uptime SLA, which is 99.7%. Only with RISE with SAP can you get one single SLA and accountability for the entire solution stack.

The aggregated SLA includes:

Content of the SLA

Network inbound/outbound traffic
  • In RISE with SAP, there are no additional costs for transferring data to or from the RISE with SAP systems. Unlike other hyperscalers hosting providers, which often charge extra fees for inbound/outbound traffic.

  • This cost advantage enables businesses to freely move data without incurring additional expenses.

  • RISE with SAP provides pre-designed backup tools, solutions, and management that adhere to agreed-upon SLAs.

  • Hyperscaler offerings can also offer backup options, but it becomes the responsibility of the customer or other service provider to license, design, implement, and support the solution, potentially adding to the workload.

Disaster recovery and HA
  • The disaster recovery and HA solutions in RISE with SAP encompass both application solutions and design, not just hardware availability.

  • This contrasts with most hyperscalers hosting providers, where disaster recovery and HA solutions are typically not included in their offerings, leaving it up to the customer to license, design, implement, manage, and test their own solution.

Operating system management
  • RISE with SAP includes certified operating system (OS) subject matter experts (SMEs) who handle OS management tasks like patches, monitoring, and maintenance.

  • In contrast, most hyperscalers hosting providers do not offer this level of managed OS support, placing the responsibility on the customer to either staff and manage internally or engage a systems integrator.

Database management
  • RISE with SAP provides certified experts in SAP HANA and adaptive server enterprise (ASE) supporting over 3600 databases.

  • This specialized support ensures smooth database management, a critical aspect of an efficient deployment.

SAP basis administrative support
  • RISE with SAP includes certified SAP Basis administrators who offer essential support for SAP products.

  • This expertise ensures optimal performance and reliability of SAP systems.

Platform operating system security
  • RISE with SAP delivers a comprehensive and secure environment, covering everything from the physical data center to the applications running the customer's critical business processes.

  • The platform, OS, and infrastructure are regularly updated with security patches to maintain the agreed-upon SLAs, ensuring a secure and reliable operating environment for businesses.

In summary, with RISE with SAP security, customers can expect:

  • One contract, one subscription for SW license, infrastructure, technical managed services.
  • An SAP-managed cloud designed for mission-critical SAP enterprise solutions.
  • An end-to-end SLA for the entire solution stack.
  • Full-stack cloud application services.
  • An SAP reference architecture:
    • SAP engagement lead for individual communication and support.
    • Faster time to problem resolution.
    • Business continuity
    • Reduced risk

    Many customers challenge us regarding moving their SAP S/4HANA on-premise systems to a hyperscaler on their own (BYOL). However, RISE with SAP offers multiple advantages over this approach. Unlike BYOL (bring your own license), customers do not benefit from the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provided by RISE with SAP. While BYOL can serve as a pathway to cloud migration for SAP customers looking to leverage their existing licensing investments, it presents several challenges. These include compliance issues, cost management difficulties, technical and operational complexities, and potential limitations on flexibility and future migration options.

SAP Services and Support

A speedometer displays three levels of support from SAP. Set the pace for your innovation with different levels of support from SAP, Power your success with guidance and foundational support. Accelerate your path by adding personalized plans and services. Drive company-wide transformation with premium engagement.

Are you rethinking and redesigning processes throughout your business? Are you exploring how AI can help you make leaps in productivity and speed? Are you looking to connect sustainability, social, and financial goals? We offer multiple ways to help ensure our solutions deliver the results you need.

Based on your priorities and timelines, you can choose to:

  • Power your success with guidance and foundational support available with every SAP cloud solution.
  • Accelerate your path by adding personalized plans and services that fast-track your journey to the cloud.
  • Drive company-wide transformation through a premium engagement with a dedicated team of SAP experts.

Whether you’re new to SAP or a seasoned customer, you have a path to sharpen and develop your skills with ongoing learning and user enablement. So no matter which SAP solutions you have, how fast you want to go, or what level of help you need, we’ll be there – with the full commitment of SAP to serve you and the success of your company.

  1. Power your success

    Deliver value on your terms: Every SAP cloud solution comes with SAP Enterprise Support, cloud edition,offering everything it takes to drive both immediate and long-term measurable results on your own:

    • AI-powered services, best-practice content, and other tools to guide you.
    • A broad library of self-paced and guided learning as well as peer communities to continuously develop your team’s skills.
    • Remote quality checks, assessment services, and live access to experts to empower your team.• Real-time support for mission-critical processes.

    Application lifecycle management and tools that deploy, operate, and optimize cloud and hybrid business solutions. Your cloud subscription also comes with SAP Learning Journeys, offering easy-to-navigate content that helps you and your team:

    • Build the skills they need to perform their roles and prepare for an SAP certification.
    • Dive into a wide range of topics, from software development and UX to data and analytics.
    • Easy-to-follow lessons to build skills at your own pace.

    This is how you make sure you’re ready to take advantage of the latest in AI, best practices, and new features packed into your SAP cloud solution. It’s how you get started, stay up to date, and continually deliver value to the business.

    Megger Group Limited creates efficiencies between sales and marketing.

    After integrating its sales and marketing systems, Megger leveraged resources available with SAP Enterprise Support services to up-skill its team on cloud-to-cloud solution integration, helping increase self-sufficiency. Read more...

  2. Accelerate your path

    Accelerate success and time to value: The faster you see results, the faster you can start focusing on the insight and ideas that drive your business. SAP offers personalized plans and services built around your priorities and goals. Your SAP team will deliver proactive insights, expertise, and resources to help you see the value of your SAP solutions sooner.

    • Personalized success plans provide ongoing engagements that span the lifetime of your cloud solutions. You can look to SAP to help with everything from deployment and user adoption to solution management, skill-building, and outsourcing repeatable business functions.
    • Project-based services let you choose single offerings to help improve the success of projects you’re running today – providing expertise in everything from activation, optimization, and learning to data management, deployment methodologies, and more.

    These plans and services stand alongside the foundational offerings that come with every SAP solution. They can also complement partner services to strengthen impact and value. Whether you’re just getting started or have been up and running for years, these offerings will help you continually raise the bar on what it means to run at your best.

    National Hockey League saves $1.5+ million in efficiency and productivity.

    Using the SAP Business Technology Platform, the NHL is able to adapt and innovate without disruption – and with SAP Preferred Success, they’re seeing deeper into the insights that will help grow the game.Read more...

    With personalized plans, you can:

    • Fast-track solution deployment and user adoption through proactive,tailored service plans with Preferred Success.
    • Simplify day-to-day management of key SAP solutions* with SAP Cloud Application Services.
    • Outsource specific, repeatable business functions to increase efficiency and scale with managed business services.
    • Develop a culture of continuous learning and your company’s SAP software skills with SAP Learning Hub and SAP Enable Now.

    With project-based services, you can:

    • Deliver faster go-lives and continuous improvement with Activation and Optimization Services.
    • Target specific needs in your project – from advisory services to data management and landscape transformation – with versatile Consulting Services.
    • Develop skills across your business and with your end-users with Learning Services.
    • Safeguard solution deployment and compress timelines with SAP Value Assurance.

      ABB boosts training participation and saves €800,000+ in one year.

      By implementing SAP Learning Hub to help employees build SAP software skills, and SAP Enable Now, which provides simple, in-app training right when users need it, ABB empowers its workforce with the right skills and continuous improvements. It also helped speed user adoption, which is critical to smooth solution deployments and long-term success.Read more...

  3. Drive company-wide transformation

    Go from boardroom plans to business reality: Business transformation takes a long-term strategic approach. That’s why SAP offers exclusive engagements like SAP MaxAttention and SAP ActiveAttention that:

    • Offer mutli-year engagements that integrate a committed team into your company to provide continuous direction for your transformation.
    • Feature a holistic approach to transformation – reaching across functions, processes, lines of business, and solutions while impacting multiple cloud and hybrid landscapes.
    • Provide experts focused on identifying opportunities for success, taking steps to maximize that success, and proposing solutions before you see there are problems.
    • Complement partner services and give you the flexibility to determine when to bring additional resources and expertise into the business.

    You’ll get an exclusive, end-to-end experience that’s tailored to your individual needs and designed for your specific solutions and business goals. Simply put, you won’t be alone as you drive transformation across your company.

    Nestlé makes massive shift to digital.

    Moving to the cloud was a huge endeavor for the globalfood-and-beverage giant, but now, all 275,000 employees have a single point of entry to SAP apps – and simpler IT increased system availability 99.97%.Read more...

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