Setting Up Development Goal Plan Templates


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Add a V12 Development Plan Template from the SuccessStore and from Provisioning.
  • Convert a legacy Development Plan Template for use with Latest Goal Management.

Adding a V12 Development Plan Template from the SuccessStore and from Provisioning

A Development Plan Template needs to be uploaded to a unique instance. Uniqueness is determined by the template ID, which can be seen in the XML. You can check Provisioning to verify if other Development Plan Templates are already in the instance.

Assuming you have Provisioning access and Admin Center access to upload Development Plan Templates, there are two ways you can add these templates:

  1. Add a new template in Admin Center from the SuccessStore by navigating to Manage Templates.
  2. Upload the XML template in Provisioning.

To learn how to add new Development Plan Templates to your instance, watch this video:


Although adding a Development Plan via Manage Templates in Admin Center is possible, the SuccessStore that contains a library of templates may generate an error. In these situations, the only solution is to add templates via Provisioning so we will focus on using that method.

Converting an Existing Template to the Latest Goal Management

If you need to continue using some of your existing templates, you will need to convert them into the Latest Version using the tool provided within Manage Templates.


Convert only those templates that you are currently using going forward. It is not necessary to convert every single template. New templates created will not require any conversion.

The templates converted will retain their ID. The original template is copied with a new ID and renamed as Original Name Backup in the read-only mode.

Navigate to Manage Templates and select at least one template to convert. Alternatively, you can add a new template from SuccessStore or Provisioning, and it will be displayed in the Latest Goal Management version.

The existing templates in your instance are convertible. You can run the Conversion tool which will ensure the template is ready to go. Any fields not supported, will be set to optional (not required) if they were used previously, and while they will remain in the template, they will not be shown in the UI.

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