Listing the Supplier Managed Inventory Configuration Tasks


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Summarize necessary configuration for Supplier Managed Inventory

Configuration Overview

Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) is a business model in which the buyer of a product provides certain information to a supplier (vendor) of that product and the supplier takes full responsibility of maintaining an agreed inventory of the material, usually at the buyer's consumption location.

For SMI, most configuration tasks take place in SAP ERP. SAP Business Network (Ariba Network) provides the capability to assign SMI specific business rules to different sets of suppliers or supplier groups.

SAP Business Network (Ariba Network):

Set business rules for specific suppliers.

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway:

There are no specific settings required.


  • Maintain parameters
  • Implement BAdIs
  • Run SMI Report

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