Setting up License Determination


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Set up license determination in Customizing.
  • Explain license determination at document level.

Legal Control in Sales Processes

If a document contains an item with a product that is classified as dual-use item, SAP GTS attempts to find a suitable export license. If this attempt is successful, the system links the license to the document item. If the determination fails, SAP GTS blocks the document item instead. This block can only be removed by assigning a license.

License determination in legal control is based on an SAP GTS-specific condition technique. The system first determines a license type and then determines a license of this license type. Therefore, when you export dual-use items from an EU Member State to Switzerland to a civil end-user, for example, SAP GTS should find a license type for general export licenses and then a license master record for the Union general export license no. EU001.

Licence Determination Procedures

The basis of license determination is a determination procedure that you can copy from the delivery Customizing or define yourself (menu path: SAP Global Trade Services, edition for SAP HANACompliance ManagementLegal ControlsDefine Determination Procedure to Automatically Determine License Types).

You assign one of the determination procedures for license type determination copied from delivery Customizing, or defined by you, to each legal regulation for legal control (menu path: SAP Global Trade Services, edition for SAP HANACompliance ManagementLegal ControlsControl Settings for Legal Control, field License Type Det. Procedure).

Settings for License Determination

On legal regulation level, you can make additional settings that influence license type and license determination (menu path: SAP Global Trade Services, edition for SAP HANACompliance ManagementLegal ControlsControl Settings for Legal Control).

License Determination Process

If a license type is determined successfully and the determination strategy is not flagged as control-free, SAP GTS searches for a license of this license type that matches the document item.

System Procedure for License Determination (Export):

  • The relevant legal regulation is determined on the basis of the departure country of the export. The departure country is the country of the legal unit that corresponds to the delivering plant of the sales order item (address data of the business partner).

  • If the product is relevant for control, the system takes the determination procedure for the license type from the control settings of the legal regulation.

  • Based on the determination strategies assigned to the determination procedure, the system determines a condition record for license type determination. If different license types are possible, they are checked in alphabetical order. However, it is also possible to number the determination strategies for a different access sequence.

  • If the license type is determined, the system searches for a license that matches the relevant data of the document item or items and assigns it to the document item or items.

If there is no license (yet), SAP GTS blocks the item.

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