Outlining the Concept of Process Variants in Live Process Content


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  • Outline the concept of Process Variants in Live Process Content

Process Variants in Live Process Content

Similar to the Process Automation content, when importing Live Process content, you are importing templates that need to be adjusted to your specific needs afterward. In a typical scenario, you will retrieve a process template, a decisions project, and a process visibility project. These artifacts might be complemented by additional material like SAP Cloud Application Programming Model applications. Each of these artifact types can be adjusted to your needs.

Within the process, you can see all available artifacts. Usually it includes a Process Template, Decisions, and a Visibility Scenario.

Process Variants - Concept

A delivered process template contains process steps and a preconfigured process variant. Process steps act as building blocks that can be put together in a modular way into a process. Each step can have constraints. These constraints specify the minimum and maximum number of occurrences of a process step within a process variant. Also, the position of a process step within a process variant can be subject to constraints. Thus, certain steps can only be placed at the beginning or the end of a process.

Any number of variants can be configured within the specified conditions. Process templates and the configuration of process variants provide a framework for business process experts within which they can flexibly adapt to changing business requirements with no code. Also, it hides the complexity of the underlying processes. These might contain many more steps, conditions, or flow controls that are actually visible in the modular process variants.

The available steps can be added to the process variant via drag and drop. When your process variant is finished, you need to save and activate it.

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