Preparing the Desktop for Executing the Sales Order Management Automation Using the Desktop Agent


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Prepare the desktop for executing the sales order management automation using the Desktop Agent

Using the Desktop Agent to run Automations

The Desktop Agent is a component that is installed locally on user desktops. It executes automation projects that launch and run applications of various kinds, reads information from screens, enters data, clicks options, and processes data. Automation projects are assigned to tenants running on the Desktop Agent. You can see what your Desktop Agent is always doing thanks to the convenient menu that is always accessible from your computer’s taskbar while your Desktop Agent is ready or active.

When it’s installed, the Desktop Agent is configured to start at Windows logon by default. The Agent can run in the attended or unattended mode. In the attended mode, you start the automations by clicking on them, and in the unattended mode, the automations run automatically without your intervention.

Using the Desktop Agent, you can perform different actions to run and monitor your projects, such as:

  • Run projects
  • Manage tenants
  • Configure the connection settings
  • Change the agent mode
  • Monitor the Agent
  • Collect and manage traces

In this lesson, you will learn how to register the desktop agent and to run your project process.

Register the Desktop Agent

Before running the project, we need to ensure that your Desktop Agent is registered in your tenant with Unattended Mode. Follow the instructions for the desktop agent step by step.

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