Creating Data Variables 


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the various types of data variables and their uses
  • Create a data variable

Types of Data Variables

Data variables are similar to other variables but are used for holding data from external data sources, such as SAP systems or third-party APIs and are allowing UI components to interact with data. This way it is possible to build SAP extensions that interact with and enhance core systems.

Since they are used to fetch and update data records, they have a few more capabilities:

  • When you define a data variable, you also must define it as a collection of records from the back-end, a single record, or an empty record that will be filled in and added to the back-end system.
  • If the data variable represents data from an OData service, you can define OData filters for use when retrieving data to put into the variable.
  • Data variables have their own logic canvas, generally to define how to retrieve the data. App and page variables, as well as the application itself, share a single logic canvas.

Data Variable Types

Here are the available data variable types that you can use.

Types of Data Variables

To Create a Data Variable

Business Scenario

Data variables are always based on a data resource whose schema is replicated on the data variable. So instead of defining a data type, the data variable’s data type is taken from what was defined for the data resource.

Play the video to learn how to create data variables.

You have now learned to create data variables.

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