Explaining SAP Build Apps 


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the uses for SAP Build Apps
  • Describe the key features of SAP Build Apps

Uses of SAP Build Apps

SAP Build Apps (formerly SAP AppGyver) is a visual development solution for creating enterprise apps without writing code. It lets you:

  • Create apps by dragging and dropping pre-built components and then configuring them to your needs.
  • Connect to all forms of back-end data, such as REST and OData services, including SAP systems, using a simple form, and then display or use the data for calculations.
  • Create application logic, also by dragging and dropping flow functions and configuring them. Logic allows you to tell the app what to do in response to user or app events.

Key Features of SAP Build Apps

SAP BTP Features

In addition to the main app-building features, there are a bunch of features that make it easy to build SAP extensions and other SAP-related apps:

SAP BTP Authentication
You can make it mandatory for the users to be authenticated with SAP BTP before using the app. This is required for many other features, such as referencing SAP BTP destinations.
Destinations are connections to back-end systems, often SAP systems, defined within SAP BTP for use by SAP BTP services. SAP Build Apps is aware of destinations defined in the SAP BTP cockpit and can create data resources (that is, connections to back-end systems) based on these destinations. SAP Systems describes how to set up destinations for SAP Build Apps.
Deployment to SAP BTP
SAP Build Apps lets you deploy your app to run on SAP BTP. SAP Build Apps enables you to build your project into an MTAR, an application file understood by SAP BTP’s Cloud Foundry environment, and then enables you to send the file to be deployed in SAP BTP.

More Advanced Features

SAP Build Apps also has more sophisticated features to let more advanced business users and developers make the most of the platform.

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