What is the Role of Organizational Change Management in SAP Cloud Projects


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of organizational change management in cloud projects.
  • Differentiate organizational change management from project management.
  • Discuss the added value of organizational change management for cloud projects.

Definition of Organizational Change Management

Many people who work in IT know the term "change management". They associate it with an IT Service Management process that defines how organizations best roll out change requests to their IT infrastructure, controlling potential risks and keeping service disruptions to a minimum.

This type of change management should not be confused with "organizational change management", the topic of this learning journey. But what exactly is organizational change management?

Watch the following video to find out!

Change Management versus Project Management

Cloud implementation projects are holistic business transformations. They target objectives and strategic directions, that are often derived from an overall company vision. This is visualized by the arrow in the center of the chart below.

Cloud implementation projects have impacts on the organization, group, and individual level. While project management mainly focuses on the "hard" factors of the cloud implementation, organizational change management keeps an eye on the "soft" factors. This ensures that all relevant aspects of a successful cloud implementation are equally addressed.

But what are typical hard and soft factors in this context? Can you list some hard and soft factors that usually are impacted by a cloud implementation on all three levels?

Try to answer the question first. Then click on the buttons "organization", "group", "individual" in the chart below to find some examples.

Of course, there are many interdependencies between hard and soft factors. Thus, project management and organizational change management must closely collaborate. In the chart, this is symbolized by the grey curved arrows.

When there is close collaboration and alignment between project management and change management, the cloud implementation project is better able to meet the desired objectives.

Added Value of Organizational Change Management for Cloud Projects

Supporting a cloud implementation with organizational change management is an investment: Planning and executing change management activities requires manpower and financial resources. Some companies ask themselves if these investments pay off in the end.

The answer is yes! Although it is challenging to calculate an exact financial benefit of organizational change management, many studies indicate that change management has a positive impact on overall project success.

If you want to learn more about the added value of organizational change management in the cloud context, watch the following video.

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