Posting Goods Receipt in a Store


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Stock in Transit

In a cross-company-code or intra-company-code stock transfer between sites, valuated stock in transit allows you to retain the quantity and value of an article that has already left the issuing plant but has not yet reached the receiving plant. This means the goods issue posting from the DC creates what is referred to as "stock in transit", which is valuated and recorded on the level of the receiving site (without storage location), in our example the store. Along with the goods issue article document, the system creates an accounting document, as the receiving store now owns the stock. This means that the subsequent goods receipt posting in the store is actually a transfer posting from in-transit stock to unrestricted-use stock. If there are no quantity differences, this posting does not affect valuation, thus the goods receipt article document does not contain a further accounting document. A stock transfer between sites using the stock in transit scenario is referred to as the two-step stock transfer procedure. The one-step stock transfer procedure means the DC goods issue posting directly creates the unrestricted-use stock in the store (full goods receipt posting). In customizing, you can define for each issuing-/receiving site if the one-step or two-step stock transfer procedure should be used.

The functions are correspondingly available for return stock transfers. In addition, in sales processes to external customers, you can post the quantity and value of an article initially to valuated stock in transit, and then actually issue the stock when proof of delivery arrives.

Post Goods Receipt in the Store

SAP Fiori for Retail – In-Store Merchandising or Store Operations applications are SAP Fiori apps, which were developed for use on different devices such as laptops, and smart devices (tablets, smart phones, desktop), supporting HTML5. They are usable through touchscreen or keyboard, and by multiple technologies (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, PC).

The SAP Fiori Store Operations apps are role-based and personalized: They are built for the roles Store Associate and Store Manager. They support typical In-Store Merchandising requirements such as laser scanning or RFID identification.

A prerequisite for using the Store Operations apps is that each user in the store (associate, manager) is assigned to a store. The My Store Assignment app is used to maintain the assignment.

The SAP Fiori app Receive Products was specifically designed for a simple and efficient goods receipt process in the stores. Various document types can be referenced for the goods receipt posting, such as vendor purchase orders, or outbound deliveries.

With this app, you can also receive products in a store by displaying and posting incoming handling units. The app allows you to see the content of handling units with the expected and actually received product quantities. You can see hierarchical handling units as well as detailed product information with pictures.

It is also possible to refer to tracking numbers, and/or global trade item numbers (GTIN).

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