Demonstrating the SAP BTP Cockpit


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  • Demonstrate the SAP BTP Cockpit

SAP BTP Cockpit

The SAP BTP cockpit is the central user interface for administering and managing your SAP BTP accounts as a platform user. To access the SAP BTP cockpit, you need to open a specific URL: https://<Region> You can replace the region with the one you are operating in (for example: eu10, us10, ap10) to have a lower response time and latency to the cockpit. After logging in with your user credentials, you might get prompted with a pop-up to choose the global account you want to access. Of course, you are able to switch between the global accounts as needed.

This learning is referring to the latest SAP BTP accounts with Feature Set B. When you need to access SAP BTP accounts with Feature Set A or Neo, the SAP BTP cockpit has another access URL, and the cockpit looks a bit different. You can get the required information for that in the product documentation.

That business users need to access the SAP BTP cockpit is not required and not suitable normally. The business users get access by calling URLs that directly point to the capabilities and functionalities.

Watch this demo to learn more about SAP BTP Cockpit.

Alternatives to SAP BTP Cockpit

Working with the SAP BTP cockpit is the easiest way to manage and administer your SAP BTP accounts. Besides that, you can also use the SAP BTP CLI, a command line interface for managing the SAP BTP accounts or API calls.

When you want to manage the Kyma environment, you need to use the Kyma Dashboard, or you can use the Kubernetes command-line tool: kubectl.

For managing the Cloud Foundry environment, you can use the SAP BTP cockpit or the Cloud Foundry command-line interface: cf cli.

To work with the ABAP environment, you need to use Kyma or Cloud Foundry and, on top of that, you could subscribe to the Web access for ABAP service to get an administrative SAP Fiori Launchpad for the ABAP environment.

Key Takeaways of this Lesson

With SAP BTP cockpit, you can access your SAP Business Technology Platform with a graphical user interface. SAP BTP cockpit is in the first place a tool for admins and other platform users. One of the important sections is the account explorer. It displays all directories and subaccounts that are in the global account where you can navigate through, create, delete, or change them. There are many more features like security configuration, service administration, and analytical insights.

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