Illustrating the Business Processes of the Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprise


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  • Illustrate the business processes of the intelligent enterprise

Business Processes of an Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprise

Intelligent, sustainable enterprises need to excel across all their critical end-to-end business processes that span multiple applications and technologies such as:

Business Process Management with SAP Signavio

The time to insight and time to adapt is an essential key for becoming an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. That means always having the finger on the pulse on how the company runs its processes, how customers perceive their operating model, and flexibly adapt the execution.

However, during business transformations, organizations face challenges: lack of supportive people and communication throughout the process, lack of organizational buy-in, or lack of strategic alignment. Many organizations also lack visibility into data, tech stack and performance of processes and often lack the human and experience-centric focus, driven by technology instead. The portfolio for business process management from SAP Signavio supports you in tackling these challenges, and achieving a great time to insight and time to adapt.

The overall goal of business process management (BPM) is to improve business performance. This can only be achieved by using a BPM software solution (for example, SAP Signavio Process Manager), which provides features to structure, model, and analyze business processes.

More concretely, business process management is an ongoing and iterative management discipline to:

  1. Capture relevant process information (for example, through interviews)
  2. Design processes (visualize tasks, decisions, and responsibilities)
  3. Execute processes (for example, by systems or employees)
  4. Document processes (for example, by creating a handbook)
  5. Measure processes (for example, cycle times, costs, other KPIs)

Business process management enables companies of all sizes and industries in applying a process-oriented management perspective on processes, but puts them into an end-to-end focus.

Business process management with SAP and SAP Signavio solutions enable your company to gather a lot of insights along your business processes. These insights are the key to sharpen and clear up your business processes to result in process excellence. In addition to that, you need to understand your business processes to automate them. The transformation of your business process goes alongside and integrates with the transformation of your company to an intelligent, sustainable enterprise.

You can learn more about business process management and SAP Signavio in our dedicated learning journeys.

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Key Takeaways Of This Lesson

The end-to-end processes lead-to-cash, design-to-operate, source-to-pay and hire-to-retire represent one important level of an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. The need to deliver top performance here is high. By using business process management (BPM), the overall business performance can be improved and thus also the performance of the core processes. A typical BPM software here could be the solutions of SAP Signavio.

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