Describing Technology of the Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprise


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)
  • Paraphrase the three main use-cases for SAP BTP

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform is an open platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that delivers in-memory capabilities, core platform services, and unique services for building and extending intelligent, mobile-enabled cloud applications. The platform is designed to accelerate digital transformation by helping you quickly, easily, and economically develop the exact application you need – without investing in on-premise or cloud infrastructure. The SAP BTP is the technological foundation of the intelligent, sustainable enterprise.

Main Use-Cases for SAP BTP

Based on open standards, SAP Business Technology Platform offers complete flexibility and control over your choice of hyperscalers, frameworks, and applications.

SAP Business Technology Platform is used for several use cases in scope of the intelligent, sustainable enterprise. Benefit from SAP BTP’s capabilities before, during, and after your move to the cloud in disciplines like data and extension migration, integration or consolidation.

Keep the core clean

You should keep the core clean and return to the default implementation for on-premise solutions. Create and operate highly integrated side-by-side solution extensions to individualize your business processes without harming the stable application core. Extensibility allows companies to build and enhance all their application investments to meet their dynamic needs and provide continual value. You can deliver new features agile and fast with SAP BTP as the underlying platform.

Optimize & automate business processes

Automate manual tasks as well as cross-application workflows, leveraging a broad set of pre-defined content. The SAP Business Technology Platform offers SAP Build Process Automation - a low-code/no-code based tooling to enable also business or process experts - besides the classical developers - to create automated processes or process extensions. It also offers automations for manual tasks by leveraging robotic automation technologies. In collaboration with the SAP Business Process Intelligence (BPI) portfolio with solutions like Signavio Process insights or Customer insights from the Qualtrics applications, it provides an opportunity to directly take actions to possible findings from process or experience analysis.

Drive decisions based on data

Support your business users with the information at hand or AI-based recommendations to improve decision speed and quality – leveraging any data sources. It's essential that organizations have a consolidated view across all their data assets and are able to achieve insight and make real-time decisions. Good data quality and data handling is important because of the increasing amount of data. To get value from your data, you must analyze and interpret it. Good data quality and good technologies to handle data is key for a flexible and scalable business.

Key Takeaways of this Lesson

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) builds on the technology layer of the intelligent, sustainable enterprise. By using SAP BTP in your company, business processes can not only be integrated, but employees can also get more insights into their company due to good data quality which facilitates decision making.

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