Describing Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the continuous concepts
  • Illustrate the CI/CD process

Continuous Concepts

The CI/CD Pipeline, Term Definition

In addition to Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment, there are also others that exist, such as Continuous Testing or Continuous Development as an umbrella term.

However, the first three described concepts, which form the acronym CI/CD, are relevant in this lesson: "CI" stands for Continuous Integration, while the "CD" can stand for either Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment.

But before diving deeper, let's clarify the question: what is a pipeline? At its simplest, it is a series of activities that are carried out in a predefined order. Together, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment form the important concept of the CI/CD pipeline with the goal of the best possible automation in software development and reduction of manual effort.

The CI/CD Process

The CI/CD Pipeline

Putting all these pieces together, you can create a fully automated pipeline to build, test, and deploy your application.

In short, Continuous Integration (CI) is the adoption of agile principles while Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD) is a combination of agile methodology techniques and a high-quality delivery process. The goal is to validate each change (commit), preferably in an automated way, so that it can be delivered in a reliable manner.

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Key Takeaways Of This Lesson

The term CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. Each step performs an important task in the automation and together they form the CI/CD pipeline. This is a series of activities to build, test and deploy your application. SAP is also creating tools to helping you to set up your CI/CD pipelines.

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