Describing SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe SAP AI Core
  • Describe AI Launchpad


SAP AI Core is SAP’s runtime for heavy-load AI. It allows you to train and deploy your AI models cost-efficiently at scale. You benefit from accelerated performance with GPU support while ensuring cost-efficiency by choosing from a broad range of storage, CPU and GPU service plans, as well as by benefiting from built-in autoscaling and scale-to-zero.

Furthermore, you benefit from SAP-managed model deployments that hide the complexity of managing deployments from you and simply expose an API endpoint that you can integrate and consume in your business applications. You can integrate your AI use cases built on SAP AI Core via the unified AI API.

The AI API is not a product but a unified API definition that AI runtimes implement, such as SAP AI Core, and to which consuming applications can connect to. With this unified API definition, you benefit from unified consumption in your business applications and unified operations and management in SAP AI Launchpad.

Learn more about SAP AI Core in official documentation: or in SAP Discovery Center:®ion=all&commercialModel=cpea

The following Learning Journey covers SAP AI Core in more detail:

SAP AI Launchpad

SAP AI Launchpad is the central application to access and manage your AI use cases. You can connect to multiple runtimes via the unified AI API and streamline the AI lifecycle management of your use cases within SAP AI Launchpad. On the one hand, you benefit from centralizing your AI lifecycle management in a single tool, and, on the other hand, you benefit from the unified AI lifecycle in AI API, without requiring you to know service-specific details.

Furthermore, you can continuously monitor your models in SAP AI Launchpad and improve their performance based on the insights. You can capture metrics from your training runs and compare the metrics across models as well as visualize them in charts to gain deeper understanding. This allows you to identify the configurations that achieve optimal performance.

Learn more about SAP AI Launchpad in official documentation: or in SAP Discovery Center:®ion=all&commercialModel=cpea

Key Takeaways Of This Lesson

SAP provides everything you need to build your own applications with the consumption of artificial intelligence. SAP AI Core enables you to train and deploy your own AI models and with the use of SAP AI Launchpad you can easily administer and monitor all your AI use cases. This helps your company not only to save costs by implementing your AI based models, it also enables you to save time and it makes sure that compliance and governance are ensured.

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