Creating Inbound Deliveries in SAP EWM Directly


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create inbound deliveries in SAP EWM

Creation of Inbound Deliveries in SAP EWM Directly

Inbound deliveries can also be created directly in SAP EWM.

The possibility to create inbound deliveries directly in SAP EWM is not only an option to set-up a more simplified process in the system. This possibility is also very useful when a supplier does not send any information prior to goods receipt (like an EDI message), based on which inbound deliveries could be created automatically in the SAP S/4HANA system. When goods arrive physically at the warehouse and no LE Delivery document exists, the standard process can be sped up by creating the EWM inbound delivery directly in SAP EWM without an LE (inbound) delivery number.

There are different possibilities available to create the inbound delivery in SAP EWM directly. There is a SAP GUI transaction available, but there is also a Fiori app available which offers a simple user interface to create the delivery, post the goods receipt, and create the needed warehouse task for putaway.

How to Create an Inbound Delivery and Post the Goods Receipt in EWM

In the following simulation, you can see how an inbound delivery is created for an already existing purchase order. Packing is executed and the goods receipt is posted. The required warehouse tasks are then created manually:

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