Monitoring the Warehouse


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Work with the warehouse management monitor

The Warehouse Management Monitor

The SAP EWM Warehouse Management Monitor is a central tool to keep warehouse managers informed about the current situation in the warehouse. The monitor enables them to take appropriate actions depending on the current warehouse situation.

The warehouse management monitor also has alert-monitoring capabilities. Any actual and/or potential problems in the warehouse are signaled using alerts. Exception-handling tools are available to help correct any problem situations.

It is also possible to execute functions directly from within the monitor (based on authorizations of course). Examples:

  • Create or confirm warehouse tasks and warehouse orders
  • Change or block bins
  • Trigger wave processing

The warehouse management monitor is highly customizable and the information displayed can also be extended. For example, you can create custom nodes and custom monitors within the warehouse management monitor.

Customers can use the standard SAP Warehouse Management Monitor or they can create their own monitor when customizing the system. Even when the standard SAP monitor is used, it can be tailored to the needs of the users by hiding nodes or creating new variant nodes based on the standard nodes. Creating variant nodes enables the creation of own nodes, which are based on standard nodes but with specific selection criteria or a specific layout.

How to Monitor the Warehouse

Saying Goodbye

Marcia is now done speaking with her colleagues at the local site. They say their goodbyes. Watch the following video to see their conversation:

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