Packing During Goods Receipt


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Pack materials during goods receipt

Packing in the Goods Receipt Process

Packing Process

See the following video to see Marcia and Peter discuss packing during putaway:
See the following video to learn more about packing and the concept of a handling unit (HU):

If no packing information is received, the actual packing information can be entered manually during the physical goods receipt process. You can also use a master record in SAP S/4HANA called packaging specifications to inform the user how the products should be packed.

With packaging specifications it's also possible to trigger an automatic packing process in the background. Automatic packing means that the system creates HUs in SAP EWM. This of course does not trigger the physical packing itself. Automatic packing is helpful if you have agreed with a supplier about standard packing of a material, but no specific information is sent from supplier to you with every delivery.

How to Post a Goods Receipt with a Warehouse and Also Pack the Materials

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