Adding design components to a worksheet


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  • Add design components to a worksheet

Dynamic Charts

The Analysis Design ribbon allows you to enhance and format your workbook with design elements as well as styling options. One such design element is the dynamic chart. First select the crosstab that you want to chart and from the Analysis Design ribbon, choose Chart. You can choose from one of three styles; however, you can then designate a more specific chart.

Options for inserting a chart

If you change the data displayed in the crosstab, for example, with a filter, the chart adapts automatically.

To change the type of chart, right-click it and choose Change Chart Type . . .. You can choose from a variety of standard chart types. You can also change the color palette and what other chart elements - legend, data lables, chart title, etc. - appear, as well as manipulate what data from the crosstab is displayed in the chart.

Info Fields

Info Fields can provide helpful information to users directly on the worksheet. You can insert five different info fields from the Info Field button in the Analysis Design ribbon, or you can simply drag the information from the Information tab of the Design Panel to an empty cell.

The Filter option on the Analysis Design ribbon alternatives on the Information tab of the Design Panel

Filter Components

Filter components add filtering functionality directly to the worksheet. They are a simplified way to insert the SAPGetDimensionInfo and SAPSetFilterComponent functions to adjacent cells in the worksheet. Select an empty cell and from the Filter button on the Analysis Design ribbon, choose the dimension you want to use to filter the crosstab (or chart). Dimension label and member selector formulas are inserted into the select cell and the cell to the right of the selected cell.

The Filter option on the Analysis Design ribbon

Add Design Components to a Worksheet

As a business analyst, you need to incorporate helpful information and functionality into your Analysis workbooks to enhance your end users' data analysis options.

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