Defining and using conditional formatting


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define and use conditional formatting

Conditional Formatting

You can use conditional Analysis formatting to highlight important values or unexpected results in your data.

Crosstab with conditional formatting colors

With conditional formatting, you define rules to select different or critical values in a crosstab. Results that fall outside a set of predetermined threshold values are highlighted in color or designated with symbols. You can toggle the rules on and off, to either display the formatting or not.

Select a cell in a crosstab and access the New Conditional Formatting dialog from the Conditional Formatting button on the Analysis Design ribbon. On the Definition tab you can give your rule a name, choose what format and color you want to use and define your condition. Once finished, choose Add. You can edit or delete rules as needed.

Conditional Formatting rule and format options

The Selection tab in the dialog allows you to format specific areas of the crosstab or specific member selections. For every measure you can confine the formatting to all members and totals (the default), totals, or specific members.

Conditional Formatting rule and example of Selections options defined

The Display tab is where you configure where the formatting will appear. You can apply the formatting to a different measure than the basis for the rule, or you can apply the formatting to row or column headers, or some combination of these options.

Conditional Formatting rule and example of Display options defined

if multiple rules based on the same measure but with different criteria are applied, and a conflict occurs, the worst one takes precedence.

SAP BW Query Exceptions

In Analysis for Office, SAP query exceptions correspond to conditional formatting. Exceptions for a query are created in SAP Query Designer. If you insert a query with exceptions in Analysis for Office, you can activate and deactivate the exceptions in the Conditional Formatting menu, but you cannot change their definitions.

Use Conditional Formatting Options

Your users have asked for a way to display member values in different colors based on thresholds. As an analyst, you decide to set up conditional formatting for value cells and row and column headers that you can turn on and off.

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