Working with Analysis Views


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create and use an Analysis view

Analysis View

As previously mentioned, an Analysis view is the saved analysis state of what you see in a single crosstab. It can be used as a data source for Analysis for Office as well as other SAP Analytics tools such as SAP Web Intelligence and SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise. This sharing functionality allows all users in your organization, regardless of what SAP analytics tool they are using, to evaluate the exact same data from the exact same data sources.

There are two major differences between an Analysis view and an Analysis workbook:

  • Analysis Views are saved only on the SAP BI Platform server.
  • While a workbook can comprise several analyses (crosstabs), an Analysis view comprises only one.

You save an Analysis view from the Analysis Design ribbon. First, select a cell in the crosstab you want to save as a view. Then choose Save View.

Save an Analysis View from the Analysis Design ribbon


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