Describing Quality Review Collaboration


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  • Explain Quality Review

Quality Review Overview

Quality Reviews enable users involved in the quality review to collaborate on batch records, change requests, customer complaints, and general use case issues.

Batch Review

Collaborate on batch record reviews, finalize batch record information, and allow quality releases of product bulk materials. The Supplier can initiate the batch record process after the Quality Inspection process is completed for the final batch documentation.

Change Request

Collaborate on changes in material, process, or equipment.

Customer Complaint

Collaborate on product complaint investigations from the Buyer’s customer. Buyers often receive complaints through a third-party system but report them to Suppliers and Subcontractors through Quality Reviews.

General use cases

Collaborate on quality process-type definitions.


  • Review types and statuses
  • Buyer/Supplier opt for e-mail notifications based on review type and product family
  • Ability to upload master data
  • Quality Reviews can reference Purchase Orders, Advance Ship Notices, Quality Inspections, and Quality Notifications

For an overview of Quality review Collaboration, watch this video.

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