Explaining the Quality Review Collaboration Business Case and Process Flow


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify a Quality Review business case and category
  • Describe the high-level business process flow for Quality Review

Quality Review Business Case and Solution Overview


Quality is an important factor in perfect order fulfillment, both on the component and finished product level. Due to an increase in outsource manufacturing, close collaboration and manufacturing controls are required to maintain quality.

  • Unstructured communication between Buyers and Suppliers for batch record, change request, and customer complaint (and other use cases) is done via phone or e-mail outside the system, which is inefficient and time consuming.
  • Communications may or may not be related to a transaction, which makes it hard for Buyers and Suppliers to reference, access, and share. It is unclear who to contact in the Buyer or Supplier organization.
  • Buyers and Suppliers want to share communication/documents with others within their organization to facilitate handoff during vacation or when somebody leaves the company.


Quality Review Collaboration enables users involved in the quality review process to collaborate on batch record, change request, customer complaint, and general use cases.

  • Buyer administrators can replace one of the standard review types (batch record, change request, customer complaint, and general) with a review type defined specifically for another use case.
  • Buyers and Supplier quality users can opt for e-mail notifications based on Buyer or Supplier, the review type, or the product family.
  • Buyer administrators can upload line of business, product family, part, and plant information to allows users to collaborate, even if Buyer or Supplier are not exchanging Purchase Orders.


  • Easier communication (threaded conversation) between Buyers and Suppliers.
  • Reduction in the time it takes to complete the review cycle, eliminating the administrative burden.
  • Allow users to get the relevant e-mail by opting for e-mail per Buyer or Supplier, review type, and event type.
  • Easily find the review based on different criteria and keyword search.

Quality Review Process Flow

Quality Reviews provide the ability for the Buyers and Suppliers to collaborate without having to integrate to any back-end systems. The Buyer manually creates the Quality Review to begin the process.

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