Identifying the Quality Inspection Elements and Status Values


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe Quality Inspection elements
  • Discuss the inspection status and usage decision

Quality Inspection Elements

Inspection Details header

  • Displays key header data for Inspection Document
    • Inspection status and progress
    • Batch and Purchase Order
    • Inspection Lot No and Qty
    • Inspection Type
  • Certificate section shows the certificate requested for the inspection lot.

Inspection detail characteristics 1/2

  • Provides Inspection characteristics data by operation for inspection document
    • ID & description
    • Sample size
    • Type (qualitative or quantitative)
    • Minimum/Maximum
    • Required/optional
    • Status

Inspection detail characteristics 2/2

Provides interactive results entry

  • Auto-calculates mean, below, and above average values
  • Percentage passed
  • Non-conformance

The History tab

The History tab shows all the updates made to the Quality Inspection document.

Quality Inspection Status Values

Inspection Status


The Quality Inspection request has been received by the Supplier and the Quality Inspection results are pending.


The Quality Inspection results have been submitted by the Supplier. The Supplier can still update the results.


The Quality Inspection results have been submitted by the Supplier and the Supplier cannot make any more edits to the results.

Usage Decision

Not valuated

The Usage Decision has not yet been made.


The Usage Decision has been accepted by the Buyer.


The Usage Decision has been rejected by the Buyer.

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