Identifying the Quality Notification Structure and Elements


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the Quality Notification structure and elements (Tasks, Defects, Activities)
  • Locate the Quality Notification Header, Task, and Status
  • Explain the process flow for Quality Notifications

Quality Notification Collaboration Overview

Quality Notifications allow for a systematic communication between Buyers and Suppliers to indicate quality issues and work towards resolution of those issues. When goods or services that do not meet expectations are received, a Quality Notification can be created to communicate the issue to the party that supplied the goods or services and provide a structure for communicating the resolution of those issues.

For an overview of the Quality Notification Collaboration, watch this video.

Elements of the Quality Notification Object

The SAP Quality Management module defines certain data objects that are used in Quality Management processes. The Quality Notification is one of these objects. Quality Notifications have certain fields that are configurable. It is important that the Quality Notification data structure is synchronized between the SAP system and the SAP Business Network.

In order to synchronize the Quality Notification data fields, master data that matches the data structure defined in the SAP Quality Management module is loaded into SAP Business Network.

Each Quality Notification contains the following fields:

DetailProvides basic details about the quality notification.
DefectContains defect item detail for the quality notification. You can have multiple defects per quality notification, and each defect must have a cause, and optionally can have tasks and activities. You can use the Reference Object section to apply a defect to multiple parts or batches.
Partner InfoContains From, To, Bill To, and Deliver To information.
HistoryContains the history of changes to the quality notification. The history is empty until the quality notification is published.
CommunicationContains communication sent with the quality notification, including reason codes, com­ments, and attachments.
Required taskA task describes the planning and organizational aspect within a notification. Using tasks, you can plan the way in which various people work together to process the notification and perform the activities within a specified period of time. You can enter multiple tasks for the notification header and for individual defects.
Activity logAn activity describes the action performed within the framework of a notification. It docu­ments an activity that someone has performed in the process of solving a notification problem. You can enter multiple activities for the notification header and for individual defects.

Quality Notification Document Status

A Quality Notification document has one of the following status values:

  • New (default)
  • In-process
  • Completed
  • Closed

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