Creating a Consignment Purchase Order in SAP


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a Consignment Purchase Orders in SAP

Create the Consignment Purchase Order in SAP

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The Buyer Creates the Consignment Purchase Order

The Buyer will create a Consignment Purchase Order in the SAP system using SAP Fiori app Manage Purchase Orders or SAP transaction code ME21N.

She populates the fields in the Consignment Purchase Order, just like she would, with a regular Purchase Order.

The line items that are intended for a consignment must be marked as Item CategoryK.

More about Consignment Purchase Orders

  • A regular Purchase Order with at least one line item with the Item Category field set to K
  • The source document for the order and all subsequent documents
  • Created by the Buyer in the SAP system
  • Received by the Supplier on Alba Network

Creating the Consignment Purchase Order

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Create a Consignment Purchase Order in SAP

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