Defining Returns Collaboration and its Features


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define Returns Purchase Orders

Returns Collaboration Overview

For an overview of the Returns Collaboration process, watch this video.

Returns Collaboration Features

The returns process deals with the business process of returning goods to the Supplier and receiving credit for the returned items.

  • Buyers issue Purchase Orders with return items.
  • Buyers create Return Ship Notices that are sent to Suppliers in advance of shipping return items.
  • Suppliers issue Credit Memos to the Buyer at the line item level for return items.
  • Line item Credit Memos are required because Purchase Orders can include regular items and return items.
  • Header level Credit Memos are not supported.
  • Standard ERP business process is supported and based on best practices.

Returns Collaboration Process Flow

The Returns Collaboration process starts with the creation of the Purchase Order and flows through until the Buyer receives the Credit Memo.

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