Describing the Purchase Order Collaboration Process Flow


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Purchase Order Collaboration Process Flow

Purchase Order Collaboration Process Flow

The Purchase Order Collaboration process flow is shown in the diagram below. The process starts with the creation of the Purchase Order and flows through until the Invoice is received by the Buyer.

Hover over each number icon below to learn more.

What did you learn?

Drag the text to the corresponding field on the page.

If you match the statement to the correct document type, the statement will remain on the document type icon

Where do documents Initiate

Documents are initiated by either the Buyer or Supplier.

Drag each document type to the appropriate initiator.

Track the Progress of Purchase Order

  • The SAP Business Network supports a feature that allows the users to track the progress of the Purchase Order.
  • This feature is supported for both Buyers and Suppliers.
  • The order tracking is updated as each document is created.

The Track Order button appears on the Purchase Order page.

On the Purchase Order Tracking page, we see all documents associated with Purchase Order, including Order Confirmations, Advance Ship Notices, Goods Receipts, and Invoices.

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