Creating a Goods Issue in SAP


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Change the Outbound Delivery and pick items to return
  • Create the Goods Issue

The Goods Issue in the Returns Purchase Order Collaboration Process Flow

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Goods Issue Creation Process

The Buyer Picks and Packs Items, and Posts the Goods Issue

The Buyer picks the items for return in the SAP system using SAP Fiori app Change Outbound Delivery or SAP transaction code VL02N.

The Buyer then posts the Goods Issue. The Goods Issue is converted into the Return Ship Notice that is sent to the Supplier.

The Buyer starts creating the Goods Issue on the Change Outbound Delivery screen

Click the boxes to show the fields. Click on the screenshot to zoom in.

Pick Items for Return and Post the Goods Issue in SAP

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