Creating a Transfer Posting in SAP


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  • Create a Transfer Posting in SAP

Create Transfer Posting

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The Buyer Creates the Transfer Posting

When the company determines they need to use some of the goods on hand in their consignment stock, the Buyer create a Transfer Posting that represents the amount of goods used. She uses either SAP Fiori app Goods Movement Post Goods Movement or SAP transaction code MIGO.

This will reduce their consignment stock and increase their own stock.

Their Supplier will be notified of the stock transfer.

Creating the Transfer Posting

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Create a Transfer Posting in SAP

The Consignment Movement is Received

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Navigate to the Consignment Movement on SAP Business Network

To navigate to the Consignment Movement, Select Fulfillment ´╝×Extended Collaboration.

Find the Consignment Movement

The Consignment Movement is displayed. The Movement number is based on the Plant, the Transfer Posting number, and the year.

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